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Our name

Our name, Shinbōshin, was chosen for both it's literal meaning and also from Eduardo's personal experiences whilst training in the martial arts.  The name which is from the Japanese is split into three kanji which make up two words, as shown below;


辛抱 Shinbō - Persevere / Patience


Shin - Heart / Mind / Spirit


Unifying our heart, mind and spirit no matter the challenges, we keep on going, we persevere and we grow from the experiences in a positive way.


Although the martial arts were originally the method of developing a person to fight in a moment of conflict, it also covered many facets of developing oneself.  As was interpreted in Miyamoto Musashi-sensei's Go Rin no Sho and other historical text, one must develop themselves entirely through studies.  


All the kanji together 辛抱心 - Shinbōshin represents the meaning of perserverance and spirit through this development process.






Original Japanese Calligraphy Art by Koshu -

Akemi Lucas,  Calligraphy Master - Koshu Japanese Art ©

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