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what is kenjutsu?


Kenjutsu is an umbrella term for sword art / swordmanship, often referring to Koryu (samurai era old schools - pre 1868) sword schools.


Kenjutsu is to kendo what jujutsu is to judo.  Originating from feudal Japan, it is the combat side to the sword with no quarter given to sport, only the defeat of the opponent using technique, spirit and strategy.


Depending on the school, traditionally it is practised with neither armour or bamboo weapons, nor is there free sparring. 


Development is made through kata practise which is the only safe way to learn the use of the sword.  It is practised as kumi-tachi (paired practise) with uchidachi (attacking sword) and shidachi (technique doing / defender) working together to improve shidachi’s skill, timing and spirit.


Kenjutsu can be practised stand alone or complement an existing weapons art such as Kendo / Iai or an unarmed art like Jujutsu.


We at Shinbōshin Dojo practise Kenjutsu from Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu (Two heavens as one school of strategy), founded by Miyamoto Musashi-sensei in the early 1600s.











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